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Friday, November 7, 2008

On Snow

Typically I do not like snow, but today it seems somehow more welcomed. Snow is wet and cold, two adverse conditions I normally don't care to encounter. However, snow also has some sort of intrinsic beauty that radiates to the world it covers. I am especially attuned to this aesthetic principle being a "4", and especially today for some yet undiscovered reason.

What is it that makes snow so beautiful, so aesthetically pleasing? Is it the color? The peacefulness of it? Or maybe its just the change in appearance our senses encounter, or the social upbringing that has taught us that snow is beautiful. I like to think its something more...there is some inherent beauty in snow that points to the Form of Beauty--God. There is a bit of God in each snowflake. I don't mean this in the pantheistic way, but only in perhaps a symbolic or transcendental way.

The snow is beautiful today.

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