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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Book Submission

A month or so back I submitted a page to "webook", an online rating system for potential authors. In the first stage, you submit one page, it's voted on, and if it reaches a certain point, it moves on to the next stage where you submit the first chapter. My submission is getting closer to moving on. This is what I wrote.

"The Eternal Flame"
Fiction: Sci Fi/Fantasy, Religious/Inspirational
In a world wrought with Human individualism and selfishness, the world has died and entered an ice age. A a small group of survivors hangs on to what they could salvage from the past, but death is closing in. Their one hope is the eternal flame, can they work together to find their only salvation?

Bill Foster looked lovingly into his wife Edith's eyes--the journey this far had been tough, wrought with death, and it had hardly yet started. At least he had her. He would never take her for granted. Their group of twelve travelers searching for salvation had been cut down to seven. One had frozen to death that first night, two had been lost in a white out, one killed by a polar bear, and then there was Sam. Sam's fate was what they all feared.

Without warning, the world shook beneath the small group of travelers. Panicking, they all dived into the snow, not able to keep their footing. A rift in the giant glacier opened up between them and snow started cascading down the seemingly endless crevice. It was swallowing Edith. What accursed fate was it that was taking his only purpose in life from him as he looked in her eyes?

He must save her--he must save himself. Without thinking he scrambled through the snow, frantically trying to get up enough speed to jump the gorge. He could make it, he knew he could. It was just like the old days. Someone had has waist, was holding him still. They pinned him down, but Bill fought back, punching him in the nose. Now there were two men on him, now three.

"You can't save her Bill, it's too wide, she's moving too fast."

Still struggling despite his exhaustion Bill looked up in time to see his beloved slip over the edge into oblivion. Frozen tears rolled down his cheeks as he wept. They were down to six...

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