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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lord, that I May Live

I started this song in September and was missing the bridge. I finally finished it today with a bolt of inspiration. I'll include the [basic] chord progression in case you want some idea of how it sounds.

Chorus (F Bb, Gm C)
Lord give me eyes
That I might see like you
Lord give me a heart
That I might love like you
Lord give me hands
That I might serve like you
All these things I ask
That I might be as you

V1 (F C, Gm C)
Lord set me along your paths
That I might walk in your light
Have your Spirit move in me
So I may be upright

v2 (Same)
Lord help love
Despite what I receive
Help me love like Jesus did
Oh Lord that I may bleed (not sure I like this line yet)

Bridge x2
Oh Lord that I may live (Bb C)
A life worthy of You (F C Dm)
Help me in my unbelief (Bb C)
To live a life that's true (E Gm C)

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