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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Particularly Applicable Song

This song has been running through my head this morning. I wrote it my junior year of High School I think.

"Help Me Figure Out"

c) What is my reason here
How do I know
What are you calling me to do
I am so very lost
Show me the way
Lord please lead me back to you
Lead me to you

V1) Lord, sometimes I think
I can do it all myself
Lord I don't know
What my purpose is in life

V2) We go through this life
Wondering why You put us here
Lord sometimes I cry
Because I don't know what to do

B) Lord I feel my life's a waste
Lord I need to taste
The goodness, of, your love
I need to know my meaning Lord
I need to hear the living Word
So, Help me figure out

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