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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I Praise You"

Verse 1) Why do I run so far away
When al I want is you
With open arms you wait for me
To run right back to you

2) Only you can fill my emptiness
Nothing else could e’er suffice
You gave the wholeness of yourself
With one great sacrifice

C) I give my being all to you
Heart, Body, Mind and Soul
To live and breathe that all shall see
Your glory shining through

PC) I praise you, I praise you, I praise you

3) Though darkness comes and seas shall rise
Though my body aches and pines
Though in sin I live my life
For you my heart still sighs

B) Lord what wonders you have wrought
By what mercies you have saved
And in your covenential bond
Your love I will proclaim

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