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Monday, February 15, 2010

Alas, Fair Princess

Alas, fair princess to where hast thou fallen
To where have thou hidden thy gown
Where once there were dolls and ponies and princes
Now lies thy rusty old crown

And Alas, brave knight, to where hast thou ridden
Thy steed no place to be found
Shining armor once shown in the glorious sun
Now lies cast aside on the ground

Alas, dear dreams to where hast thou faded
Like a tide slips away from the shore
The dreams that didst once give life to thy hope
Are allowed no longer to soar

Alas, fair youth to where have thou flown
A bird taken flight barely seen
For success in the eyes of the world thou’st abated
What the purpose of youth truly means

Alas, innocence where hast thou been laid
What grave now houses thy grace
The victim of pain and all that is vain
Has caused you to flee from this place

Now in flies the darkness with crashing of waves
Lightning streaking the sky
And the gnashing and wailing of those long forgotten
The world fails to hear all their cries

The men on whose shoulders once we were standing
Have now been cut at the knees
The Id and the “I” now all that matters
Reality no longer believed

So come fair princess, brave knight, and my dreams
Once again with the virtues of youth
Cast out the darkness, this sign of our times
Show us the way to the truth

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ryan! That's beautiful! I'm speechless... you are a graceful and deep poet.