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Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Start

I have resolved to start blogging again--perhaps every day if I can force myself to keep up the motivation. I do this as an attempt to reignite the flame of inspiration back into my life. Long has it been since I've felt the joy of a new idea coursing through my mind, like a being of its own longing to come to life.

I don't think my life, or my mind, are boring per se... I only think that perhaps I fail to properly to consider the beauty and depth of life, or to fully embrace the capacity of my human mind to delve into the truths of reality to the extent to which I should.

And so, for now at least, this will become the post-it note of my mind in an effort to force myself to exercise the God-given gift of reflection. It may be interesting, it may be dull. It may be complex and simple all at the same time. It may be perfunctory, deep, silly, sad... it may be a multitude of many a thing. But Hopefully the last thing it will be is empty.

This is my soul's search for meaning, and so I invite you dear reader, if a reader you may be, to journey with me if you feel yourself brave enough. And with that dear reader, "Once more into the breach, dear friends".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I look forward to bearing the journey with you. Reflection truly is a gift from God!