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Friday, February 5, 2010

On the Origin of Crabbykins

I think I am crabby today... it's not always easy for me to tell whether I am or not. I don't wake up in the morning and consciously say "I'm going to be crabby today". Rather, it's more as though I start noticing how little patience I have with people or situations, which in turn, makes me even more consciously crabby.

What's even more, sometimes I'm just content to allow myself to wallow in my crabbyness.

(Tangent: isn't it interesting that "wallow" is really just "allow" with a "w"--so we can't wallow unless we allow ourselves to. Also, the technical definition of wallow is "to take great joy in", but its almost always used in a negative connotation... interesting)

Anyway, what causes us to be crabby? Sure.. it can be tiredness, stress, emotional duress... but what is the actual cause? Is there something biological going on? What causes humans to have less patience? Maybe the question I'm really asking is what is the origin of patience/

Anyway, no answers today--i'm not much in a thinking mood.

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Anonymous said...

Patience is a Fruit of the Spirit :) And don't worry, we still love you!