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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Facts

I feel like I have so much going through my head and yet nothing to really say or write. So i'm just going to see where this post takes me. Perhaps I'll just start with listing some facts i've noticed about myself.

I'm a jealous person. I don't like it, but I find its really part of who I am.

I hate pity. Sometimes when people say "i'll pray for you", or "I'm so sorry", or some other attempt at consoling me I sometimes get angry. I sometimes wonder why that is.

I haven't gone to confession in months. I really need to go. I've been distant from God lately and I desire so strong to try, but without regular confession I find it very hard to stay strong in my faith.

That being said, I hate going to confession with my boss.

I really love cooking, but seldom have the motivation to do so.

I hate cleaning up after I cook.

I've been working more on my book, but I find it really hard to stay motivated.

I really want to go back to school.

I feel like I'm one massive contradiction--I'm organized yet spacey, a loner yet desire companionship, love to do nothing yet hate being lazy, a night owl but I go to bed early... is this normal?

I really wish I played piano and guitar more.

This has probably been enough of a post, and my mind is somewhat clearer.

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